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Still around, just not here

Posted on 2011.05.07 at 18:00
I think it's safe to say that I'm not really going to be using Livejournal any more, as I haven't posted for over a year and I hardly read my flist either, so... yeah.

I am currently blogging regularly about my failures at Things I Failed to Do, which is more structured, less bitter and self-destructive, and less dickish (as I do realise that a lot of the time I was a dick when I was posting here) than the sporadic rants that I was using this blog for.

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Snow Pictures

Posted on 2010.01.12 at 18:41
My new phone has a camera on it that is not exactly anything special, but it does have a setting for taking panoramic shots where it combines six images, and its pretty good. Anyway, here are some nice pictures from the snow over Brighton, taken from up on Hollingbury Golf Course.

Very BleakCollapse )

So, I booked the table for BICS 2009 about a week ago. This was close work, as Shane who runs it got back to me pretty quickly to say that we'd got the second to last table available - phew! Now there is just the scramble to make sure that we've got something ready to sell in time - and luckily for me I'm not in charge this time!

Anyway, we will have something to show for ourselves - a new issue of the new-fangled, relaunched Rapid Fire anthology, although I don't know exactly what's going to be in it yet as things get chopped around. Also, we're selling old comics and Rock Night too and so on and son on. I'm not actually sure that I'm going to make it though, which is a shame but I'm skint and it'll be my sister's wedding the weekend before - which will make me even more skint. We shall see what happens.


Interesting and Heartwarming News for once

Posted on 2009.08.11 at 10:15
Bloomsbury have decided to publish a book with an accurate cover. It's funny how difficult they seem to have found the concept. Anyway, well done Justine Larbelestier, for taking up the fight and winning!

(source: The Guardian)

11.46 ETA - P.S. Thanks to triciasullivan for pointing this story out to me in the first place a few weeks back.

underfire comics

Underfire Website

Posted on 2009.07.14 at 18:28
Once again I have been updating the Underfire Website in an attempt to make it something useful and relevent. This time that means porting over to the wordpress software and getting an easy to read archive online. It's not at its prettiest just yet, and I still need to write up some more of the supporting pages, but it works and enables a constant stream of interesting things from our archives, web-only short stories and excitement building previews to be spammed rss-ed to any that are interested. At the moment the first 5 issues of Rapid fire are online, and there should be more soon.


web: http://www.underfire-comics.com/online
rss: http://www.underfire-comics.com/online/feed/
livejournal sydication: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/underfirecomics/

/self promotion

ETA: Just changed the addresses so that they point the right way - Facepalm.

I realise that I spend an awful lot of the meagre amount of time that I do spend posting on Livejournal basically laying into books that have annoyed me and writers that I think come up short. I am also aware that it is easy to be a critic when you have never made anything yourself, and possibly even easier to be a critic when you are a frustrated artist in your own right. I don't think that either of those two positions invalidate criticism inherently, by the way - yes, bitter people say bitter things but that doesn't mean that they are automatically invalid and they can still be important and insightful observations.

I also do not subscribe to the view that art or even artistic endeavour, validates itself. Just because you have something to say doesn't meant that you need to be heard. This is important because good art is important to the world, and in my view more important than the artists who make it. Bad art does not deserve recognition or reward merely because the artist expended a lot of effort in its creation, or indeed has no other means of subsistence. Art is bigger and harder than that.

I understand very well how harsh that statement above is - I know and care for people whose income depends on the quality of the work they produce and I would hate to see them lose their income because of a slip in standard. On a personal level that would be horrible, a real tragedy. In fact, my own security is based on the continued artistic achievements of the institution I work for and too many duff operas would send me back into the job market for sure. But that still doesn't validate the bad work in itself. Every job is precarious in one way or another, every life open to tragedy and we cannot escape it.

Having said all of that, I thought that it would be best for me to lay open my own cards - not in a 'look at me' way, but merely in a 'here I am' way. I write a lot about things that annoy me, about writing that doesn't work, and I also write about the writing that I am doing myself. I don't necessarily think that the writing that I do is great - certainly not always good enough to charge for - although I am working towards the point when I think that it might be. I am bitter about a lot of things, but this isn't one of them. I do what I do partly as a compulsion and partly as a hobby, but it's all fine. Anyway, my point is: if I'm going to be a critic, I may as well lay myself open to criticism as well, so here I am - and I'll link to this from my sidebar too - all my major work that is complete (save some serious editing that is probably required, as well as a proofread because no matter how many times I go through things I can never spot every mistake). It's free to read, to copy and to distribute as long as you don't change it and keep my name on it. If you have an opinion - please tell me about it. links behind the cutCollapse )


Sound Mind

Posted on 2009.04.28 at 20:38
Why did I not reallise that Sound mind was a sequel to Double Vision. I would have got round to reading it much earlier...

I recently read the Orcs trilogy by Stan Nicholls - I ended up buying it at the airport before we went to Japan because for some reason I was getting worried that I didn't have enough to read, or that what I did have was too hardcore for holiday reading when I might want to relax. Of course, the opposite is ever true and because I actually was relaxed I had more headspace to read the *clever* books that I'd shoved in my bag from our bookshelf (Kurt Vonnegut, Toni Morrison and some Kant that I wanted to try re-reading).

Although, the thing is, I was expecting perhaps naively that Orcs might actually be a somewhat cleverer book than most fantasy. I've seen the omnibus of it about a fair bit, and it has that sort of minimalist design and some decent pull-quotes on the back. But more than anything it talks about how the book is a total re-imagining of the relationship between orcs and the other fantasy races, a gritty look at a culture born for war and the possibility of that warlust being the final arbiter of peace. Big themes no? I should know by now never to trust the hype. cut for length and for spoilersCollapse )


I did a meme

Posted on 2009.04.17 at 19:09
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

I got myself tagged by fera_festivawhy notCollapse )

underfire comics

The DFC is failing

Posted on 2009.03.20 at 19:24
Man, I was all like - 'hey, the DFC is for losers' when it started up, but now that it's actually having the money pulled from under it I feel really sad. I think basically, even if I didn't like it much, at least it was a real attempt by a big pblisher to do comics in the UK. Now we're back to square one (or 2000AD as it is officially known).

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